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Reductil alternatives

There is only one drug that can realistically be an alternative to Reductil. Orlistat can be used to help reduce excess weight. It should be taken supplement to a healthy diet.

Orlistat works in your digestive system, blocking any fat being absorbed/digested into your body.

Other than this, we can only suggest a healthy diet and exercise.

If you take Reductil or Orlistat you should still exercise by running, walking the dog, walk in the park or the dreaded gym.

The gym shouldn't be that daunting, if you decide to join a gym you can get a personal trainer to help you decide what routine is best for you. What pace you want to go at, what exercises you want and your objectives are all taken into account and worked into your schedule.

To lose weight you must burn up the calories you take in and keep execising whether its doing weights or cardio. This is how you lose weight. Keep doing exercise daily and you may never know, Reductil may have no use for you.